8 Packer Machine

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Speed up your eight packing with this amazing machine.
Speed up your eight packing with the Eight Packer Machine. Your employees will love the ease of eight packing. Just two pulls of the lever, and your eight pack is ready for sale.

Load your 8 beer or soda cans into the base and the Eight Packer does the work in three simple steps:

1. Lower the lever to release the precision-made cones onto the cans.
2. Place a Perf-Pak carrier over the cones.
3. Lower the lever again to press the carrier onto the can lids.

Works on both 12 and 16 oz. beer and soda cans including tall Coors cans. When using the Eight Packer, Size #2 Perf-Pak six pack rings will hold most beverage cans. You must use Perf-Pak eight pack rings on the Eight Packer machine.

The Eight Packer is a durable machine that you will use for years to come.

Mumm Products backs the Eight Packer with a one year limited warranty.

Click here to see a movie of the Eight Packer in operation.

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Save valuable time and effort
Feb 23, 2024  |  By Brian A. Runion
This machine is a game-changer and a reliable investment, ease to use and saving valuable time and effort. Convenient and cost-effective, and enhanced efficiency.

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