Hand Packer Machine

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Pack your 6, 8 and 12 Packs with our new Hand Packer!

The Hand Packer makes 6, 8, or 12 packing easy!

1. Place the ring carrier on the jaws.

2. Squeeze the trigger a few times to open the rings.

3. Insert bottles into the rings.

4. Lift out your multi-pack.

The Hand Packer will accommodate most 12 to 24 oz. containers. See our wide selection of ring carriers or call us at (800) 446-7225 to discuss your application.

Attention Store Operators: The hand packer is great for making 6 packs of bottles or 8 & 12 packs of cans. It is light and compact so you can put it where you need it.

Attention Bottlers & Distributors: The Hand Packer weighs only 9 pounds. Your drivers can take it on their routes.

Click here to see a movie of 6 Pack bottle packing with the Hand Packer.

Click here to see a movie of 12 Pack can packing with the Hand Packer.

(If you are looking to put rings onto the lids of 12 oz. cans, please see the Six Packer Machine.)